BevPaQ™ LLC offers water in pouches for human consumption.
Features and Benefits:


  • Chilling Rocks™ natural spring water packed into 500 ml pouches with drip-proof membrane
  • Pouches delivered 30 in acase
  • HTWO™ hydrogen enriched water packed into 500 ml pouches
  • Special pouch design and structure retains hydrogen until opened
  • Hydrogen enriched water offers a variety of health benefits and has been shown to materially contribute to the performance of athletes

Chilling Rocks™ Natural Spring Water 30 Pouches in a Box


HTWO™ Hydrogen Enriched Water 7 Pouches in a Box

Click here, or on the image below, learn how important pure water is to health in an article written by Dr Mercola:

Pure Water is Vital to Your Health

Pure healthy water