Leadership Team
Leadership Team

It brings me joy when I can
facilitate a clients vision into a profitable reality.
~ Patrick Bowles
Project Manager

Patrick Bowles
Project Manager

I am proud to see my product
designs gracing store shelves from here to South Africa.
Please allow my experience help you along the way.
~ Rudi Kleer
Marketing Manager

Rudi Kleer
Market Manager

Be kind to this good Earth, another one may be difficult to find.
~ Dr. John Harlin
Research and Development Consultant

Dr John Harlin
Research and Development Consultant

Set a destination, not a path with products that serve clients well.
~ Tony Ames
National Sales Manager

Tony Ames
National Sales Manager

The Team


Our family of staff understands our core values. They know that Honesty, integrity, innovation, and collaboration are integral to the development, research, and implementation of wellness products that changes lives and the planet.

At Penta 5usa, we value our team, and that’s just one of the reasons that for 4-consecutive years, we have won the Herald-Tribune Media Groups Best Places to Work Award.

We are proud to say that our team has a clear sense of purpose, innovation, and passion. Understanding our customer’s objectives and expectations is one of their primary focuses. They consistently deliver results of excellence and superior performance.

Penta 5usa

Five Companies of Penta 5usa

Domestic and Foreign Product Sales are experiencing rapid growth as they continue to gain popularity and acceptance among health-conscious consumers. Green environment millennials, health-conscious consumers of all demographics, and big box stores focus on natural product formulations and environmentally friendly packaging. We are passionate about creating products whose long-term goals are to help reduce healthcare costs. We intend that the products we develop will lead the way and set an example.

Penta 5usa companies utilize experts from a multitude of sciences

Multi-discipline science experts and our technical advisory staff committees oversee product development, formulation, and compliance requirements. In-house we have machine and production expertise that are second to none and provide a contract packing

Penta 5usa operates in five market segments. The vision is to create a healthy world around us through innovation in wellness products, flexible packages, and processing. We accomplish this through either organic or GRAS formula and exceptional performance in custom packaging and high-efficiency machines.

We own individual patents that can improve the technology of your products and also offer a full range of licensed technologies from our strategic partners.

Nature inspires us with its beauty and its magnificence, and we are deeply committed to conservation. Because we want to preserve our world for generations to come, we always try to reduce waste of resources and energy, and to reuse and recycle packaging run on our machines.


Sustainable • Environmental • Conscious • Approach • Machinery • Pouches

S.E.C.A.M.P.™ Is a six-point strategy relating to using less energy or clean energy, fewer packaging materials, and reduce costs in the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution of StandUp™ pouches, vials, and trays. Deeply committed to conservation, we seek ways to ensure a better future. We know that a circular economy with renewable energy is the path and we have positioned ourselves to embrace Circular Syna-gasification for single material, plastic waste and continuous finished plastic pouches

2011 Winner of the Earth CharterUS Sustainability Award

Our company embodies the principles of the Earth Charter International Sustainability Mission. In 2011 we received Earth Charter’s Sustainability Award because our company met or exceeded all 16 major-principles. Earth Charter International’s mission is to contribute to the transition to sustainable living on the planet.

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We operate in the millennial and mature adult market segments

Both markets have definitive needs as addressed with our Green and Natural Products in practical, environmentally sound packaging. Millennials total about 100 million in the Americas, and approximately 30 million millennials are interested in the natural products market. Today more and more shoppers of all ages want to buy Natural or Organic fresh products.

We project to gain a 10% share of this segment Globally, our target market is the over 1 billion people that are affected by mosquito-borne illness, fatigue, diseases like cancers, Type-2 Diabetes, and other maladies

The Organic Trade Association notes that a full 81% of families with children say the purchase organic products at times. Parents’ reasoning included better health and the desire to avoid toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. While Millennials may be leading the charge in sustainability awareness, every age group indicates that sustainability, environmental, and/or personal wellness attributes are significant considerations in brand selection.

To offer Wellness Products incorporating PARIS Hemp CBD Oil*, Hemp CBD oil, supplements, and other wellness formulas

The incredible explosion of CBD Oil products sourced from both Hemp and Marijuana has startled the market. We decided to concentrate on Hemp CBD Oil*. We patented the FlavoPaQ™, a Hemp CBD Oil* distribution system that allows Hemp CBD Oil* to be added to food and beverages at the time of consumption (where legal). Ensures that active ingredients reach the bloodstream quickly to improve health-enhancing efforts. (Typically, 95% of ordinary CBD gets lost on its way to the bloodstream).

DnR will concentrate on Hemp CBD Oil Products*.

Two incredible Hemp CBD Oil* Distribution Systems are ready for release HomePaQ™ delivers a microwavable pouch with a concentrated, first wash Hemp CBD Oil* ready for home treatment as needed.

The second Distribution System is a MediVialPaQ™.

White MediVialPaQ™ consists of a daily dose of Hemp CBD Oil* for general health protection.

Green MediVialPaQ™ is a higher dose for patients in recovery.

Red MediVialPaQ™ are for patients undergoing treatments.

* Less than 0.3% THC

40 Innovative Wellness Products


MosquitoPaQ™, DnR, and BevPaQ, are the three retail market segments. Our products range from insect control to healthy food and beverages, wellness products, skincare products, Meditech Pharma, and other cutting-edge technologies designed for protection and to improve people’s lives and our world.

Redi-2-PaQ Home Products is the contract packing segment that anchors all the companies together. In-house we have machine and production expertise second-to-none.

FlexPaq is the packaging materials segment that sources and utilizes eco-friendly light gauge materials.

Penta 5usa works with each of our customers to understand their businesses’ unique values and needs and how we can build added value. We strive to develop a partnership, not just a business transaction. Meaning that we evaluate your needs, determine if we are a good fit, and recommend services that help you meet your goals as a business.

When you succeed, we succeed

Please fill out the contact form and let’s get the conversation started

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