BevPaQ™ Products

Health and fitness have become a vital part of our lives, and the nutraceutical wellness industry is heavily promoting the awareness and importance of healthy lifestyle choices. The wellness industry predicts that consumers who concentrate on active lifestyles will look for nutrition products like Nutracis™ Hempseeds, Hempseed Protein Powder, Hempseed Butter, Hempseed Bar and Hempseed Oil to support these healthy goals. BevPaQ LLC supports these lifestyle choices with their line of Nutracis™ Hempseed Products that contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 in a healthy 3:1 ratio and for hydration and tenacity a full range of hydrogen infused waters under the name 10acity™. A new description “healthy aging” is going to requires a range of food supplements by healthy agers. The three most important health food supplement areas are health aging, digestive health and general wellbeing. They are looking for products that will help them remain active.