Effective Eco-Friendly products

formulated to harness the power of Mother Nature


Safe for your pets, Safe for your family, Safe for the Planet

Effective Plant Based Cruelty Free Made in USA Guarantee

MosquitoPaQ Repellent Lotions

Repel Mosquitoes

For 6+ Hours

Mosquito repellents don’t need to repel people, just mosquitoes and biting insects.Our non-greasy lotions have a mild pleasant scent. The lotions are also available unscented.
They come in convenient on-the-go, single-use VialPaQ™s, Lotions, economical TubePaQ™s, lotions, and in our patented “Airofill” Spray.

MosquitoPaQ Outdoor Repellent

Outdoor Mosquito-Free ZONES

2, 7 and 15 Days of Protections for 15,000 sq. ft.

Secure™ no-bite ZONE Spatial Repellents for out-door protection from pesky biters available in 2 Day ZONE, 7 Day ZONE, and 15 Day ZONE pouches. They provide a radius of 70 feet of mosquito-free outdoor space. Great for the backyard or pool, on-the-go events like the beach or lake, BBQS, camping, use anywhere to keep bloodthirsty mosquitoes away.

Dog and Cat Insecticide Spray

Kill fleas and ticks on Dogs and Cats

In Minutes


SECURE™ no-bite Cat and Dog Insecticide Spray is a safe and effective long-lasting formula that kills fleas, ticks, and offers relief from biting insects with 6+ hours of protection.


Still Tails

Keeps Pesky Biters Off Your Horse

In Minutes


SECURE™ no-bite StillTails™ Horse Insecticide and Tick Spray is a safe and effective product to keep horses relaxed and protected from biting insects and ticks for 6+ Hours of protection.

Kills and Repels 100’s of Insects

Kills tough critters like
fire ants, roaches
stops ticks in their tracks

SECURE™ no-bite Yard and Garden Insecticide Spray works quickly, killing bugs on contact. Get rid of mosquitoes, ants, centipedes, cutworms, earwigs, fleas, ticks, mites and. Hundreds of other pesky bugs.

Weed and Grass Killer

Kills Weeds and Unwanted Grasses

Results In Minutes
Kills to the root

SECURE™ Weed and Grass Killer Herbicide is a highly effective way to help kills weeds and eliminate unwanted grasses within hours without harmful chemicals. Can be used in the same area as edible vegetables and fruit plants.

Bed Bug Killer

Bed Bug Killer

Kills Bugs Faster
Lasts Longer

SECURE® Bed Bug Killer represents a new approach to killing bed bugs that is both safe and effective. Bed Bugs have developed strong resistance to poisons that have been employed for decades. DDT for example is no longer that effective as the insects have developed a genetic mutation that protects them from allowing this and other poisons into their neuro-system.