Penta 5usa companies have five (5) products aimed at fighting inflammation and for increasing athletic proness viz. 10acity® antioxidant 2.5ppm hydrogen infused water, Nutracis™ hemp seeds, Nutracis™ Turmeric and 4Zeros™ stevia sugar replacement.

  1. All over the world, reducing inflammation in the body is a priority.  Doctors believe this is the root cause of many diseases including coronary, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s diseases.
  2. Inflammation:  recently a leading doctor (Dr. Tasheem Bhatia)confirms that inflammation drives the aging process faster than any other bio marker.  He states, “As we get older inflammation increases, in part because our bodies are less adept at digesting and processing the nutrients, we need to regulate it.”
  3. Alzheimer’s: Inflammation can be seen in the brain of people with Alzheimer’s disease as much as 20 years before the onset.  Tara Gidus Collingwood, R.D., team dietitian for the Orlando Magic Pro basketball team has strongly recommended protect your brain with healthy fatty foods like salmon, which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.  Also add Nutracis™ hemp seeds to the meal which has the correct Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio.
  4. Cancer: Insufficient vitamin D has been associated with so many diseases, including cancer, research has shown that taking vitamin D along with losing weight reduces the risk of inflammation dramatically in women with breast cancer. Use Nutacis™ Turmeric tablets that contain vitamin D.
  5. Asthma: The use of Nutracis™ Turmeric powder can help reduce airway obstruction from asthma, due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  6. Sugar replacement: The 4Zeros™ stevia exhibits strong antioxidant potential as a sugar substitute owning to the presence of various compounds with medicinal significance such as phenohi compounds, flavonoids, stevioside and rebaudioside-A, condensed tannins, and anthocyanins.
  7. Powerful antioxidant: 10acity® 2.5ppm antioxidant hydrogen infused water has been found to activate pathways within our bodies to supercharge our own antioxidant producing systems. This makes molecular hydrogen the most powerful antioxidant molecule in existence.
  8. Paris CBD oil: helps reduce stress, depression and anxiety issues.  Helps reduce blood pressure and balances your sugar level.  Also assists in relief to your joint and body pains.  The main ingredient is all-natural Canadian organic hemp seed oil.  The oil has omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids.  Added Boswellia to help reduce pain and bones stronger. We add lavender oil for flavor.