10acity® Hydrogen Infused 5.5 ppm Natural Spring Water for Cellular Longevity

3-H Hydrogen Infused 5.5 ppm Natural Spring Water Beverage

H = Hydrogen – your body and brain need water
H = Hydrogen – which repairs worn body cells
H = Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Not an energy drink but your “cellular rejuvenation” tenacity drink

Our patented Hydrogen infusion process and eco-friendly patented pouch packaging help to ensure the integrity of the amount of hydrogen (ppm) in each pouch. 10acity® Hydrogen Infused 5.5 ppm Natural Spring Water may help to promote DNA repair processes, helps promote anti-inflammatory activity, supports cell defense and reduce the risk of age-related diseases and extend longevity.

Daily for Tenacity

  • Consumption of molecular hydrogen water may help prolong a healthy, human lifespan
  • May have significant mechanistic benefits on healthy aging


  • Helps increase Taurine levels as humans age
  • Wheat Germ Extract mimics anti-aging effects to support recycling old, damaged cell parts
  • Lithium can inhibit age accelerating enzymes and helps regulate genes related to healthy DNA
  • The combination of Taurine, Wheat Germ Extract and Lithium have been shown to potentially slow the aging process
  • Helps inhibit the development of age-related diseases

11.15 fl. oz / 330 ml per pouch

30 pouches per case


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Please hold the bottom of the spout when opening

How to use it:

Open cap and drink. We suggest that you drink all content of the pouch within 30 minutes for maximum benefit.

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Additional information

Weight 334.5 oz
Dimensions 19 × 11.25 × 7.125 in



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