SECURE™ Bed Bug Killer Spray

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SECURE™ Bed Bug Killer Spray



SECURE® Bed Bug Killer represents a new approach to killing bed bugs that is both safe and effective. Bed Bugs have developed strong resistance to poisons that have been employed for decades. DDT for example is no longer that effective as the insects have developed a genetic mutation that protects them from allowing this and other poisons into their neuro-system.

SECURE® Bed Bug Killer uses plant based active ingredients in concert with synergistic compounds that prohibit the bug from using the defense mechanism(s) that have enabled protection from DDT and the family of pyrethroids often used in other sprays.

Equally important to being effective in killing the bed bugs is the fact that this product can be used around pets and children without fear of neuro-toxin exposure. The formula has undergone extensive university testing for both duration and efficacy in killing bed bugs. One of the leading sprays now on the market was compared head-to-head with SECURE® Bed Bug Killer and the duration of 100% kill for SECURE® Bed Bug Killer was 5 times the other leading brand using the poison Cypermethrin.

Extensive University testing on live bed bugs has recently confirmed the resistance developed to pyrethroids. In addition to not being as effective the evaporation rate of the leading brands renders them completely ineffective after a few short hours. No bed bugs survived after 48 hours in areas treated with SECURE® Bed Bug Killer. Eighty percent of the SECURE® Bed Bug Killer formula remained after 96 hours in an open-air environment.

Treat mattress, base boards, and any crack or crevasse with the crystal-clear SECURE® Bed Bug Killer spray with confidence of both its effectiveness and its safety. The world has recently experienced a rapid uptick in bed bug infestations especially in hotel environments. Commercial foggers are ideal for the employment of SECURE®Bed Bug Killer Spray.

The summary of a recent University Study reads: “compared to the pyrethroid pesticide…“SECURE® BED BUG KILLER HAD A HIGHER KILLING RATE AND A MUCH LONGER EFFICACY AT KILLING BED BUGS PERMANENTLY.”


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